Born into a family full of talented musicians and singers, singing came second nature to Shavonne aka Dangerus Diva. She captivated her mothers attention at the tender age of only 7 months while she would sing melodious sounds from her swinger! Shavonne had her first solo at the age of 18 months titled, “Rocky Road, Mountain Top,” written by a minister at her family church. Leaving the congregation in aw, it was evident she was destined to sing.

During the early years of her childhood, Shavonne would follow her mother around the house learning every riff her mother did. Aspiring to sing just like her mother. Shavonne continued to cultivate her musical gift throughout her teenage years. She was lead vocalist of a singing group called “Divine Harmony” and continued to sing in her family and church choirs. This experience gave Shavonne a solid foundation in Christ, where she draws her inner strength whenever she faces road blocks or adversity.

While in High school Shavonne was offered the opportunity to work with Priority Records. Although she had a passion for music she chose to turn down that offer so she could live out her parents dreams and receive her college degree. Now with a business degree and tons of experience running businesses, Shavonne aka Dangerus Diva is ready to take the entertainment industry by storm.

Over the last year Dangerus Diva has increased her presence by guest hosting on red carpet events for BET, MTV, ESPN, Brave Heart and more. She also has taken the internet by storm with her soon to be released mix tape titled “The Covers”. Already receiving over 200,000 views on covers to Alicia Keys and Drakes “Unthinkable”, Usher’s “There goes my baby” and India Irie’s “Ready for love”, Dangerus Diva has generated such a buzz on Youtube and that over 235,000 followers are pre requesting her EP.

Shavonne’s beauty, charm, intelligence and talent is a dangerous combination, which defines her as a Dangerus Diva. As a woman of faith, there is no doubt in her mind that she will fulfill her purpose to inspire Love, Dreams, Happiness, and Life through music. World get ready, like the sun that shines so bright, Shavonne is about to permeate the world with her gift!

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