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Welcome to the World of Everything Diva! DANGERUS Diva is a Singer/Songwriter, Business woman, VJ, blogger, Fashionista, Health guru, Wife and Mother.

Since 2007, DANGERUS Diva’s eccentric style and exotic face jewelry captivated the attention of celebrities and many others while performing on stage and walking the red carpet.  Leaving them only to ask “where did you get that from?” What’s the name of that face thingy”?

The DANGERUS Diva decorative face jewelry collection are decorative adhesives that come in all sizes, stones, colors and variations. The are NO LIMITS to DANGERUS Diva face jewel designs, they can be worn by young and old, married and unmarried women of any religion alike.

Face jewelry is a perfect compliment to any casual or dressy outfit. The face accessory is an inexpensive way to add a little extra umph to any outfit – regardless if one is going to the office, church, party, red carpet, award show or wedding.

Check out a selection of our most popular face jewel styles:

shapes: dots, diamonds, daggers and lines
colors: any color matching any dress shade
materials: from felt to adhesive stickers
decorations: rhinestones, sequins, glass beads, gold and silver threads.

The Significance of the Bindi: The bindi is usually placed between the eyebrows, the location of the sixth chakra or energy center.

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